29 March 2007


Ironrav and his trusty steed
Well ya know I'm still a bit fatigued from Sunday's efforts at Reading. Nevertheless, I managed my swim on Tuesday and a good 10 x 1 mile set on the bike yesterday. It was a beautiful day out there for a ride.

Today is looking like total crap as it's threatening to rain. However I need to do a run speed session and a brickie as well. Grrrrr.

Anyway... I forgot to mention this, but last week I picked up my new Landrover Freelander 2. It's an HSE model so it has all the bells and whistles. I now have the space to carry the bikes and other stuff!! Take a look at the photo attached. There will be more to come.

Here's my new baby!

26 March 2007

Photos from Reading

Ironrav and Friends Before the Race. It was obviously a cold one out there and was it ever windy!!!
Oh! And here's me finishing. Nothing like the satisfaction in getting the job done! I'm well on track for Florida. I just need to Swim and Bike better.

25 March 2007

Job Done

Well, what can I say? Things went ok this morning. I ended up with a 1:33 time at the Reading Half Marathon.

It started out cold and breezy, but once we got started all was good. I immediately went into the zone, which felt good. My splits were kind of all over the place, but were mostly around low 7 minute miles. Another good day out at Reading. ;)