13 March 2008

Windy... and how!!!

What a windy day. I took my standard 12 km loop towards Frogmore yesterday. I ran it anti-clockwise and almost got blown over by those gusts!! This still took only a little under an hour. Considering the hills, I think that it's not a bad pace at all. I should be in good shape for Sunday's torture fest in Wendover!!!

Anyway, I've been thinking about who to have next on my Podcast. I've been taking several directions at once, but I still like the idea of having the series of technology innovators as an ongoing theme. I hope that we can get some more small endurance sport companies soon. If you have any contacts, drop me a message gang.

12 March 2008

Reading again!!

Another Reading Half Marathon has passed. It was definitely a good day out. I helped a mate through this event and paced him. It was a good event for the both of us!! Here we are before the event.

These are two tough looking dudes!! When are they going to take off those silly hats?

Here we are close to the finish. We finally hit the finish line at about 1:51 which is just fantastic for a first timer at this distance.

Well.... where to next Neil?