22 August 2008

Changes and Toys

For anyone who has been looking at my blog, I've just made a few changes. Just a few touches here and there. Anyway, it should have a closer look and feel to my website now.

And now for the rest of the story.....

I just took receipt of a Garmin Edge 705 bike computer. Edge 705 pushes you to do your best, then shows you the way back. This GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions, power data (from ANT+Sport™-enabled third-party power meters) — the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride. All wireless with a color display, this is no ordinary cycle computer.

It is very nice indeed.I've taken it out for one ride and it fits nice and snugly on my old Profile Carbon X bars. It is totally badass!! Full colour screen, all the stats you want, and a great little colour map just in case you get lost. I'm sure to put in more updates about how it goes. I'll be putting it to the test at the Bedford Triathlon on Sunday, so maybe it will help me PB!

17 August 2008

A little bit of this and that

Good week of training. Another one before the Bedford triathlon .
This will be my last triathlon for the season. I feel like I'm actually getting faster this year. Not bad for a 40 year-old. Anyway, I'll try to make it count!