30 January 2009

It's Go time

Tomorrow I'll be doing my first ultramarathon the Tring to Town. I am completely jumping around the house! I know that it should be taken as an event and not really a race, but I can't help myself. We're going to go register tonight at the race HQ in Brentford (how exotic) and then stay with some friends close by. The forecast looks good and we are good to go. Full report follows!

25 January 2009

Week in Review 25/01/09

Scores are on the doors. This week is the first week taper before my Ultramarathon. So here are my results for the week:

M - 10.21 miles 1:24 Steady Run
T - Off
W - 14.2 miles (am) 2:00 Ultra Pace Run, 5.86 mile (pm) 0:53 Easy Run
Th - Core/Stretching 1:00
F - 5.51 mile 0:48 steady Run
S - 10.03 Tempo Run 1:13, 2500m Technique Swim 1:00
S - 15 mile 2:09 Ultra Pace Run

Back in it next week! Woohoo!!