24 March 2007

Shakin in my boots!

Had an active recovery ride this morning in preparation for tomorrow's Half Marathon. And then..... we picked up my new Land Rover Freelander 2. It's absolutely booootiful. Oh man! I'll stick some photos later.

Wish me luck for tomorrow peeps.


23 March 2007

All Change Please

Hi Gang! I've added a link to my music broadcasting link. I'm doing this for my Second Life site and as an open radio station for all you triathletes out there. Also, I've created a new forum for all my SL Tri members. Anyone can join - all are welcome. http://sltri.21.forumer.com/index.php

I got a nice brick session in today. Not too hard... as I'm racing on Sunday at the Reading Half Marathon. Am I going for a PB? Maybe - I guess it depends on how hard I go on the bike tomorrow morning.

Be cool!

20 March 2007

Been a while

Training is going well. I finally hit a groove for my second build phase of my training... finally. The weather here in the Southeast of England has been bizzare to say the least for the last few days. There's been heavy wind, sleet, snow, sun, and bitter cold... WTF? I guess it's Spring trying to get a move on.

I had a good session during lunch with a 10 x 1 mile rep set on the bike. I tried keeping it on one road, but got bored seeing the same thing over and over again. This was a bit of a mistake as the wind just cut me down for a few of those intervals..
I'm off for a swim in a couple hours for a series of 200m intervals and then it's Miller time. Hehehe.

After dinner it's back to giving an online turbo session with my SL Tri buddies. Lately, we've been building up our SL Tri group and it's going ok. We're going to have some special guests coming over the next few weeks which should bolster our numbers. We need more of you triathletes out there to take the plunge and join us. It's good fun and is much more dynamic than a forum or chat interface. So come on down and check us out at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Envy/148/62/26 .

We hope to have the second ever virtual triathlon in May, so watch this space.