20 March 2007

Been a while

Training is going well. I finally hit a groove for my second build phase of my training... finally. The weather here in the Southeast of England has been bizzare to say the least for the last few days. There's been heavy wind, sleet, snow, sun, and bitter cold... WTF? I guess it's Spring trying to get a move on.

I had a good session during lunch with a 10 x 1 mile rep set on the bike. I tried keeping it on one road, but got bored seeing the same thing over and over again. This was a bit of a mistake as the wind just cut me down for a few of those intervals..
I'm off for a swim in a couple hours for a series of 200m intervals and then it's Miller time. Hehehe.

After dinner it's back to giving an online turbo session with my SL Tri buddies. Lately, we've been building up our SL Tri group and it's going ok. We're going to have some special guests coming over the next few weeks which should bolster our numbers. We need more of you triathletes out there to take the plunge and join us. It's good fun and is much more dynamic than a forum or chat interface. So come on down and check us out at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Envy/148/62/26 .

We hope to have the second ever virtual triathlon in May, so watch this space.


Suzy Spaatz said...

IronRav, I wanted to add some more on the SL (Second Life) Triathlon spinning classes, in case someone wants to join us at the beach:

What are Second Life Triathlon spinning classes?
--> The purpose of these classes are to give you a workout in REAL LIFE! In SL, you will sit on one of the stationary bikes we provide. In RL, you still need a bike on a turbo-trainer at home!! But instead of watching an instructional DVD, you will follow the instructions of our live instructor here.

What is it NOT?
--> It is not a race! It doesn't earn you money! It's not a game. It's a real training session using SL.

What do you need?
--> In RL at home: your bike, a turbo-trainer, a towel and sports drink
--> In SL, nothing. Your avatar will sit on a stationary bike.

Make sure you send an IM to Suzy Spaatz or Wolfgang Spaatz prior to the class, so we can ensure there are enough bikes for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Virtual Cycling - Tacx have a great product called the Tacx Fortius, it is basically a turbo trainer connected to a PC so you can ride or race in a virtual environment.