30 January 2007

Going along swimmingly

I missed a few days blogging. OMG! Such is the busy life of a consultant. ;) Here's what I've been up to. I checked out the new Land Rover Freelander 2 and I love it. I have booked an overnight test drive and I can't wait! They are beautiful vehicles.

Sunday's bike ride was relegated to a 2 1/2 hour turbo as it got too late to go outdoors for one. I made plenty of nice puddles.;) I got a lot of shirts ironed on this day. I am a star.

I actually took a day off yesterday (my second this month) and went out for dinner instead. It just got too late last night considering traveling, meetings and so on. A day off ? Me?

This morning I swam in the hotel pool here at the Westin to work the kinks out. It did me a world of good. The water was a much better temperature today as it was not like bath water as last time. Tonight's activities will be an hour run up north from the hotel and a movie. Weee!!

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