30 January 2009

It's Go time

Tomorrow I'll be doing my first ultramarathon the Tring to Town. I am completely jumping around the house! I know that it should be taken as an event and not really a race, but I can't help myself. We're going to go register tonight at the race HQ in Brentford (how exotic) and then stay with some friends close by. The forecast looks good and we are good to go. Full report follows!


Jill Costantino said...

Good luck with that! That's FANTASTIC!!!

I have a friend Ferg Hawke who does Ultrarunning. You both are CRAZY!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow!!

TC said...

Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how you do. It's one thing to compete in triathlon, but ultras? You guys are next level! Much respect! Good job on your training leading up to it as well. I've been noticing and been inspired.

Continued blessings.