31 March 2008

Maybe More? I really hope so.

I had a good weekend of training for once. The weather was unforgivable on Saturday and was so blustery that I really couldn't wait to get off the bike. We ended up with about an 80 km ride followed by a 30 minute brick run. This hurt bad!

Sunday was really supposed to consist of a 1:30 run, but of course I got lost. I just couldn't get off this trail! Ended up with 27 km under my belt and knackered legs. It was really muddy out there. A true baptism for my overly white shoes.

I came across an article that talked about Sheila Taormina. Man she really is inspiring. She first had a Gold in swimming and raced in the women's triathlon event previously. She actually is shooting for a third time at the Olympics doing yet another event, Modern Pentathlon! What a hardcore lady. If anyone knows how to get in touch, please tell me as she would be a likely subject on my Podcast. Here's a like to her video : http://current.com/items/76390862_olympic_badass

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