21 December 2008

38 Km Baby!!

So I got in my planned 38 km running yesterday (in 3:25 I might add). Felt good. Much better than last week's stumble home. I tell you though, that recovery takes it's time. I'm still going to top off the week with a run after driving to Belgium so I can reach 100 km (woot). So I'll be blogging from my mother-in-law's throughout the week.

Eva's sleeping now (tfft). She's already 12 weeks old. Man we're going to have to start marking off her age in months now. This is the first time that we're taking the little one on a road trip. I hope that she doesn't freak! Channel Tunnel here we come!

Gotta get the car ready for the drive now gang. Anyway, expect lots of reports about food and running --some usual introspection as well!

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Darren Treadaway said...

38k! I thought for a moment you meant on the bike! Thats nuts. I hope you had an IPOD!