14 July 2006

Nike+ hits the shops

I just took a look at the new products launched by Nike and Apple for their Nike+ line (http://www.nike.com/nikeplus/#overview). I was surprised how inexpensive these items really are. The footpod/wireless transmitter package only costs about £18-20. Of course you need to buy a pair of Nike+ compatible shoes in order to insert the footpod, but it still seems to be good value. The only thing I see lacking is the HRM element for a whole training package. One can only assume that this will come out in a later release. I just called a unit of the Sweat Shop in Milton Keynes and they have confirmed receipt of a number of Nike+ items. The shop rep told me that they are trying it out with a few items to first see how the public reacts to this new product line. They currently only have the Nike+ shoe in stock and will have the Moire by next week. I'm going to pick up the initial kit along with a pair of the neutral trainers to try them out. Anyway, if it's good enough for Paula and Lance, it should be good enough for people like me.... right? Watch this space for a review.

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Ironrav said...

There is a good conversation going on about Nike+ at the following website. Enjoy!!