13 April 2007

It's Hot Man!!

I'm in Dubai at the moment. I rode with Wolfi's group today. Left the apartment at 5:00 this morning! :oops: Started out from his shop past the Bur Dubai at about 06:00. We joined the main group after 10 km of warming up. The main group we joined was over 80 people. It was a nice thing to see I must say. We headed out at a brisk 35 kph. What a ride. We then hit about 40 km and split into 3 groups (70,100,120 km). I went for the 100 km group as a majority of the fast boys went for the 120. All was good until we turned to head back at 70 km. There was crosswind, headwind, sand... erghhhh. Then the main group excellerated and I got dropped...... I tried to pick up the pieces with the rest of the stragglers, but no one wanted to work together. So I gritted out the last 30 km and pulled a few people thru. We did get some people to work at the front eventually, but the wind kept changing as we made various turns to get back to Jumera. We all kind of went into survival mode at this point. Got to the Lime Tree Cafe finishing with 110 km! Just in time for breakfast at 9:30!!! A nice ride with really nice people.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! So early, so hot, so much sand!! You are dedicated!