28 October 2007

Ricky 9

I can't believe that I haven't used this blog in ages. Anyway, a lot has happen this season. I went to the European and World Long Distance Triathlon Championships.

I've been kicked back for a while since, and have been doing road races the pas few months. Nothing really riveting, but that's things so far.

Anyway, today I had a good day out at the Rickmansworth 9 Mile race (www.rickyroadrun.co.uk ). This is my 3rd outing for this event as I like it very much. It's really a lumpy one that follows along the outside of Chorelywood. We used to live in the area for about 5 years. For the UK, it's actually pretty quiet and chilled out. Anyway, back to the race - here's an image of the race start. There were about 600 starters today. It's the highest number to date.I actually PB'ed for this course at 1:01:50! I haven't gotten down under the magic hour as the weather gods weren't with me. It was very windy out there and started to pour down at about 6 miles.

Here's me pouring it on towards the finish. Su actually is the photographer. Take a bow Su!

So that's me for the moment. Su and I are waiting on the results of our Level 1 Triathlon Coaching exams. We're probably going to progress to the next level in the Spring, so all you newbie triathletes watch out for coach Rav. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Rav!! Lots of races this year!! Congratulations on your 25th year in triathlon!

Now, go train for the next Ironman.. LOL

Your wife