11 November 2007

Purple Patch Half Marathon

What a good morning out! Most of you probably don't know this, but I used to live very close to the Grand Union for about 10 years, so this was my old stomping grounds. I didn't see any other Tri-Forcers, but I was incognito myself. I had a good start and was about 8th person at mile one - uh, oops! I dialled down to a more comfortable pace, but blew up a bit at mile 9 near Ricky. I had this guy on my shoulder for about the last 4-5 miles which I didn't mind as it kept me going. The last mile went up the hill in Cassiobury Park which made a very uncomfortable finish. :P... Ended up with about 1:37 on the line, which is okay for this time of the year. However, lessons learned here is not to go out on the bike the day before a Half Marathon ---it hurts. :'(

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rav! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this site, but what a pleasant surprise. You look like you're doing really well--you look the same as you did when you were 19!
Take care, and best wishes to you and yours!