07 November 2008

Looking Good For The Winter

So I'm at a stage where I am keeping my training base at a percolating level. We had our baby about 6 weeks ago and S is giving me the time I require for my addiction. Little Eva is my greatest fan! Now it's time to start looking at gear, kit, technology to get me motivated! I know that running ultramarathons and competing in Ironman races should be enough to get the blood going, but still I need more. I suppose that it has to do with the darkness of winter closing in and all that. It certainly isn't the weather as it's been pretty mild up to November. Sipping hot tea is nice. Hmmmmm.... I guess that a bit of shopping for stuff will do it. I'm now on the hunt for an Ant+ compatible powertap wheel to go with my Garmin 705. That will be a sweet combo, but it's a big chunk. It's pretty much the same as buying one of those good value Planet X carbon road bikes..... Although I could get some more winter gear for those cold rides too.... Decisions, decisions.... but... but...those new wireless Sony headphones will increase my listening pleasure!

Bugger it, I better go for a run!

TTFN All!!!

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