08 December 2008

The race that never was

What a weekend! I was down for the Luton Marathon relays with Darren and Mark on Sunday. What happened was completely unexpected. It was about -3C in the morning with frost everywhere. I think that we had 4 teams signed up. My team had a good chance of a top'ish finish. Unfortunately, it was not to be as there was an accident on the course. Apparently a car caught a bit of black ice and flipped on its roof. The road conditions degraded throughout the morning so it made it nearly impossible for the recovery vehicle to shift the wreck. It got to the point that the organisers had to call the event off due to the lack of time and daylight required to ensure a safe event (http://www.lutonmarathon.org.uk/). Most of my fellow Tri-Force club mates decided to go for a short run as we were all together and ready to go. We still managed about 11 km on a very slippery surface. Even with all the problems with a DNS for the whole field, it ended up a really pleasant day with loads of sun and good friends to chat with. I still feel that need to get some more competitive events under my belt before my Ultramarathon in Tring. I'm sure that I'll find one or two. I just need to start looking.

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Alberto said...

Weird for the asphalt to be slippery with -3 in the morning (I assume it went above zero after). They aren't putting salt on the roads? First time I hear about an event canceled for this reason. How many km a week are you running for being prepared for the ultramarathon? When is it?