16 December 2008

Winter Training Can Be A Breeze

So he says. I'm just gearing up to hit the roads once more. Charging up the Garmin, my iPod, looking for suitable clothing, blah, blah, blah... and so it goes. Currently where I am in the UK it's 3 C which isn't so bad for this time of the year. I generally go out with way too much kit on. Originally being from Michigan just has me programmed to go out dressed for the worst. I guess that has to be it. That or I'm really a weirdo who likes being smothered in tight fitting running apparel. I digress once more.

I believe that I mentioned that I'm running the Tring to Town Ultramarathon (http://www.tring2town.com/ ). I'm actually doing day one which is Town to Tring and a total of 40 miles. It's the uphill direction towards Tring along the Grand Union Canal. It takes place on the 31st of January, so I'm expecting classic English weather which consists of rain and wind. Nice thought eh? Up to this point I've managed no more than 21 miles running for my longest runs and I'm totalling about 50 miles per week. On top of that I'm maintaining my triathlon training which consists of 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 2 strength sessions per week. I suppose that I shouldn't be too concerned about the short mileage due to the excess above that in cross training. Anyway, eventually, that mileage will creep up to about 30 miles for the long runs and about 70 or so miles a week. I sort of set a goal of about 600 km from this week on to get the hard training in. I'm a noob at ultra's, but my successive Ironman racing should put me in good stead to finish strongly, erm finish...

I've recently caught the twitter bug as I finally had the time to use it. I find it very infectious and at the same time therapeutic. There's so many like-minded individuals out there sharing there human experiences with the rest of us. Of course there's a lot of chaff, but that usually happens with these kind of things. What I really like about the whole deal around social networking is the interconnectivity between all the social networking sites. The transitions are smooth and somewhat seamless. It's pretty cool even if I don't always have a great deal to say. It's just a wonder that there are so many people out there that do!

Where was I? Oh yeah, uh Winter running. It's getting dark and quiet out there. That's just how I like it. A nice hour should do it. Back to the roads for now.

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