24 January 2007

Snow? In England?

It snowed last night. It's unbelievable as it must have come down between 12-6 last night. It was so beautiful out there this morning. The trees were coated with snow, the road was covered - everything was white. ;) There's only a telltale amount out there right now, but I'm hoping for more.

So in the training front, things changed a bit. I'm very flexible in my approach, but I do eventually get the job done. I ran a very easy 7km run for lunch. It was a simple out and back towards Radlett.

Whilst running I was listening to a Podcast by Simply Stu (http://www.simplystu.com/) and heard some interesting things in regards to going slow for your base training. This was very interesting stuff and suggest that all you out there listen to the valuable words in this podcast. I've always said that the guys that always go out and blast it out on the roads and pool day in, day out are just wasting valuable time. It's this time of year that is so important for building that base and working on that heart muscle.

I also was listening to the second part of that podcast discussing Core Performance (http://www.coreperformance.com/index.php). There's some good stuff available on this site. The programmes look very useful. I signed up for the 1 week introductory offer and did the first session last night. Each element of the workout has a companion Quicktime video that shows you how to do the workout. The session that I did was a very good workout that wasn't too hard and lasted for about an hour. If you want to re-balance those muscles and get the best out of your body, this may be a very good method for getting there.

So today will be a bike swim day. Let's see if I stick to it. I'm really thinking that I quickly need some help with the old swimming next month. I might be on the lookout for some coaching. ;) Have a good one everybody!

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