19 January 2007

Travel Day Blues

Flying back to the UK from Malta is equivalent to half a transatlantic flight. I do not like it as I am totally knackered. I lucked out by missing that terrible wind storm! Anyway I'm set for a run swim day. This will make 18 out of 19 days of training so far this year!!! For all of you who don't know this, I'm really trying hard to train just about every day this year --I know, I missed a day already... I find that it's all about moderation and adaptation. I have to push myself out the door some days, but I know that it will help me with my ultimate goal from top performances this year. So I'm just about ready to hit the trails for a nice jaunt around the lakes. See y'all later. ;)


Suhela said...

Training every day is an ambitious goal! You have my support all the way!

Chelsa said...

Well written article.