18 January 2007

Malta Trip

This is my third trip to Malta since the beginning of December. It's a business trip as I'm stuck around the airport during the daytime. Training here is pretty good. We're staying at the Westin Hotel (http://www.westinmalta.com/) which is pretty nice. They have a well appointed gym and all the facilities you need to keep the fitness up. The only small thing is the pool. It really is on the small size and WAY too hot, but you can't have everything. The hotel has a good map for a 5 and 8 km out and back run. I did this last night and hit it hard. I just tipped under 37 minutes for the 8 km loop which felt good. This morning I immersed myself in that pool they call a bath, so I'm on target. Tonight is going to be about 2 hours on the exercise bike followed by a well deserved meal with a colleague. I have an early start tomorrow for my flight back...(7:30 flight) oh man!

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